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Okay, let's get started.  Please only submit once, and be as honest as possible.

The first order of business is your location.  Where are you from?

  • Select your region from the first drop-down list below.
  • Select your country from the second drop-down list.
  • If you select "Other," you will be able to enter your country's name.
  • If you select "USA", the list will update, and you may select your state.
Choose your region: Specify:

Now on to the fun stuff.

A few brief scene descriptions follow.  For each scenario, select the word that most closely resembles what you would actually say.  Of course, if there isn't an option that's even remotely close, choose "Other" and clairfy.

1.  A very close friend has invited you to their home for dinner.  They don't mention whether anyone else will be there, so you're a little surprised when you arrive and see that several of your other friends are sitting on the sofa.  When they see you, they all smile and say, "Hi!"  You respond with, "Hey, _________."


2.  You and a friend are driving along the Interstate late at night.  You pull into a 24-hour service station for gas, and your friend goes inside to pay.  As they head inside, they ask you if you want anything.  You decide you are thirsty, and you tell them, "Yeah, get me a _____."

Soft Drink

3.  What is depicted in the image below?

Duh, you idiot.  It's obviously a . . .

4.  A co-worker comes back into the office after their lunch break.  You had given them some files to review earlier in the day, and you need them by the next morning.  When you remind them about the files, they tell you that they looked at them over lunch but forgot to bring them in when they returned.  They tell you to meet them in the parking lot after work to get the files.  "No problem," you say.  "What kind of _________ do you have?"


5.  You have a problem.  You take your trash out in the evening, and by the next morning something has disturbed it and scattered it all over your lawn.  Telling your friend about this, you say, "Some kind of ________ got into my trash last night."