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The Survey

This little, 5-question survey is the basis of a project I'm working on, the primary goal of which is to generate a map of spoken English dialects.  The targeted area is the United States, but if you're surfing from another English-speaking location, please don't hesitate to offer your input.  I certainly won't throw out any data from different points-of-origin.  Also, if I get enough responses from alternate regions, I will be able to incorporate them into the study.

The map I'm hoping to create from your responses will be posted on this site after the final results have been graphed.  With enough responses, it should show distinct regions of speech characteristics.  Come back after the first of the year if you'd like to see how your responses stack up to the others collected.  If you'd like, you can enter your e-mail address in the box below, and I'll contact you when the survey is complete and the map is posted.  This information is optional and will only be used to alert you that the survey results are posted.

Thanks for taking the time to participate.  Your input is critical to the success of this project, and your help is genuinely appreciated.

Note: Please only press the submit button once at the end of each page.  I would like to gather as many unique responses as my project deadline will permit, but duplications will distort the data.

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