Looks like you've stumbled onto LooselySpeaking.  This site is my tribute to the English language and all its eccentricities. 

Currently, the primary feature is the Survey.  If you haven't already filled it out, please have a look at it.  It should only take about 5-10 minutes of your time, and it will further my research on the oddities of spoken English. 

Also, have a peek in the Links section for a few recommended sites and downloads for compulsive bibliophiles and pathological word-lovers. 

At present, I've been more generously blessed with ambition than spare time, so there's still a lot of content and functionality I'd like to implement but can't.  But please, have a look around, enjoy the links, and take a minute or five to run through the survey.  Not only will it give you an excuse to procrastinate, you'll also be performing a charitable service byproviding invaluable information to a worthwhile cause.  Granted it's nothing as grandiose as saving endangered species, but it will certainly make the survey results more impressive.